Dr. Ajay Dudhane

( Founder Chairman )

The founder chairman, Mr. Ajay Dudhane is felicitated as ‘Doctor of Honours’ by International Open University recently.

He started his career in Drug Prevention and De-addiction before 13yrs. Initially he worked as Counsellor and Training Coordinator. He has worked throughout Maharashtra for De-addiction & Rehabilitation for almost 12 years. Through his de-addiction center he has successfully organised various youth festivals,blood donation camps, free eye checking camp, free libraries and many such social events.

Activities We Do


To promote the values of equality amongst the youth, women and other sections of the society. We conduct, organize and implement, various positive programmes, deaddiction centre is one of them.


International women’s day is celebrated on 8th March. We organize, propagate and sponsor a programme to felicitate the young women who are working actively & extraordinary in various fields of life.


We also conduct and organize various programs to eradicate addiction from 2nd to 8th Oct every year.On 2nd Oct, Mahatma Gandhi centenary is celebrated by making people aware about the hazardous repurcations of addiction.


We also organize free camps once in a year in order to create awareness in the society. At the same time we have our charitable services available on O.P.D. basis for addicts and their family members.