Brief Introduction of the Organization:

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an upcoming visionary Non-governmental organization who aims at development with quality services.

Anandvan Bahuudesshiya Sanstha, is a registered charitable trust under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act. It was founded by some like minded people with an aim to make a qualitative difference in the existing social structure. The main objective of the Trust is the well being of common man, to re-align his personal, social, family & economical health at large. The area of interest varies from Health initiative for general population to specific special need to groups like Drug users, woman & children, HIV infected individuals, special needed population etc.

Birth of Anandvan De-addiction cum Rehabilitation centre :

Anandvan De-addiction centre was formally founded on 15th August, 2009. The philosophy behind its foundation was reaching out to victims of drug use. The focus of the De-addiction programme is on prevention, treatment, awareness, after care & follow-up including the support to the family members. It’s a complete rehabilitation model. The treatment comprises of 30 day in-patient treatment and life long follow-up. Extensive care is also provided as an when required. The treatment programme includes group counselling, individual counselling, therapies, work sessions, AA (Alcoholic Anonymous)/ NA (Narcotic Anonymous) meetings etc.