Significance of De-addiction centre :

Out of 100% population, 30% people are introduce to different forms of addictive substances. In these 30%, 20% are casual, occasional or one time habitual consumers, the rest of the 10% are 'Addicts' -The cursed one's.

There is no medicine available for these 10% official addicts. Rarely god or miracles can save them. They are unfortunately always target and scapegoat of hate rate, isolation and alcoholic activties. Hence a De-addiction centre is important for their help.

If addiction is a disease it can be treated but not cured. It is just like diabetes. Will power alone can’t control it nor some outside factor like God or Higher power. Here the De-addiction serves the purpose of help.

Addiction : Causes and repurcations :

Personality disorders to hereditary reasons, there are almost 16,000 events which may provoke one to lead an addictive life. Social structure, economic crises, family tensions and to an extent glorification of addictive carrier problems, health disorders and psychological adjustments can be the main factors leading to addiction.

What is addiction?

It is a disease on five levels. Economical, family, sociological, physical and ultimately ethical. On each front addict dooms down unfortunately. He looses his self confidence at the same time social prestige. Well-wishers do try their level best to support him. But in vain. Ultimately the addict has to face either lunacy jail or death.

What is the panacea we offer for addiction?

As addiction is a disease, it can’t be cured totally but curbed and treated. We practice the same thing. With medical help addiction can be prevented on adhock basis. It can’t be eradicated, As there is no medicine available on it nor any spiritual authority can cure it, hence De-addiction centres are needed to deal very effectively with these problems. Basically De-addiction centers are planned on such a basis that recovered addicts can understand and change their life style signifiicantly. In the initial period medical support is given. The main need is of change in attitude of the addict- we serve this purpose.

The routine and schedule of our centre keeps them engaged for 24 hours. Self services, physical and psychological group discussions, medical support help them to cope with their natural and original life track which they lived before addiction.This is followed by 31 days treatment.

It is imperative for an addict to calm down his ego and change his perspective towards life- we precisely do the same. With help of yoga and meditation, cultural programmes, audio visual support and recovered – experts counseling,we try to create an aura effective for returning back to the normal, original life stream he led before addiction. The plus and essential point is follow- up and re-habilitation , we our specialised in. Once an addict is recovered, we try our level best to re-habilitate him on each level of life . At the same time we stress on the need of follow-up's, as addiction being a disease can be relapsed any time.